Child and Family Services

Social Work Assessment and Therapeutic Offer

Collective Space Child and Family Services offer independent and expert assessments such as parenting assessments, assessments of alternative carers; both within and outside of the court arena. We can also provide independent assessment or consultation to case work where the organisation has become stuck or unsure of how to proceed.

We can also offer independent clinical or social work intervention to families alongside the work of the case holding social worker. This intervention will be developed with the organisation and family, so that it would form part of the care plan.

All our work is underpinned by systemic approaches and techniques and as such we understand both assessment and intervention to inextricably connected.

Intervention work may focus on improving parent/ child relationship, developing parenting capacity, strengthening family systems and supporting the professional network around the child.

Project Based Service

CSCFS will take some of the burden and pressure from Local Authorities or organisations who are managing crises or are looking to restructure or introduce a whole system change. We will provide a team who will offer a practice service, which is responsive to the needs to the organisation, which might be by taking responsibility for the most challenging and risky cases in the system or by supporting with backlog.

Releasing cases to a service where you can trust that all families are being afforded high quality social work will calm down the practice system; enabling the capacity for big organisational and structural change, improving staffing and stabilising the workforce.

We believe in a proportionate response to risk that is equally concerned with child and family need. The actions we take as a social work service can bring further risk or harm to family systems and we are very mindful that we take a thoughtful, paced and minimal intervention approach wherever we can. We also believe that state intervention should only be involved in child and family life where threshold is met, and involvement is necessary. We have the expertise to understand which cases do not require state intervention and as well as the professional competence to close cases safely and ethically. We will work closely with the organisation and seek feedback so that our practice is responsive to the organisation needs and we will offer feedback into the system so that there is learning and growth.

Our Qualifications

We have a pool of highly experienced social work practitioners and systemic psychotherapists, who work as part of the practice team. The team use group processes to share knowledge and expertise amongst practitioners and access both case management and clinical supervision to ensure children and families receive an excellent and responsive service for their needs.

  • MSc/BSc in SocialWork
  • Family therapy and systemic practice from foundation training throughto qualifying level
  • Video Interactive Guidance
  • Parenting Assessment Manual
  • Achieving BestEvidence
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Restorative Practice

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