Our approach:

We hold a value base which seeks to ensure that all our involvements and interventions with families are ethical, collaborative and respond to aspects of disadvantage that affect families’ lives. We believe in a proportionate response to risk that is equally concerned with child and family need.

The team uses group processes, as well as co-working, to share knowledge and expertise, so that families are able to benefit from increased oversight and multiplicity of perspectives. All practitioners access case management and clinical supervision to ensure that our risk formulation and decision making is robust and challenged.


The team are qualified in a range of disciplines, and are highly skilled and experienced in working with complex child and family issues. This includes, but is not limited to; inter familial violence and abuse, neglect, difficulties in the parent/child relationship, and those who experience mental health problems or substance misuse.

The team have previously held roles to at least team manager, and as such we are able to hold and manage complex risk, tackle wider professional anxiety and make decisions that are in the best interests of children and families. This means that children and families receive the right service that is proportionate to risk and need.


  • MSc / BSc in Social Work
  • MSc Systemic Psychotherapy
  • Post graduate diploma in systemic practice
  • Video Interactive Guidance
  • Parenting Assessment Manual
  • Achieving Best Evidence
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Restorative Practice
  • Non-Violent Resistance (foundation level)
  • Story Stem Assessment Profile Training
  • Reflective Functioning Training of the Adult Assessment Interview
  • Attachment Based Family Therapy Level 1
  • Couples and Violence : A systemic approach to safety in relationships


We offer a range of independent assessments, therapeutic interventions or case consultations, both within and outside of the court arena.

We understand that it can be challenging to work out what approach might be the right fit, and the team will work collaboratively with you, drawing on our knowledge and expertise.

● Parenting assessments
● Pre-birth assessments
● Risk assessments
● Case review
● Kinship/Connected Persons assessments
● Special Guardianship assessments
● Viability assessments
● Form F assessments
● PAMS assessments
● Case consultations
● Family therapy (also known as systemic psychotherapy) to support a range of issues, including but not limited to; parenting issues, separation and loss, child and adolescent behaviour, placement breakdown, and changes in family life.


Assessments range between £2000 – £3500 depending on the type of assessment. A detailed work plan will be developed in order for costs to be agreed at the outset.

Clinical work delivered face to face is priced at £235, if delivered virtually it is priced at £150, based on a half day sessional basis. All clinical work can also be priced within a package.

Therapeutic interventions can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund, commissioned through local authority adoption support agencies, or as part of Special Guardianship support plans

All costs are exclusive of VAT, travel and expenses.

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