Why Systemic Social Work?

Social work can be the ‘difference that makes the difference’. The relationships built between families and their social worker can be transformative; enabling families to find the solutions to their problems. Systemic social work puts relationships at the centre of change.

In England and Wales there are 72,670 children looked after (DfE Sept 2017) and it is estimated that 90 children are taken into care each day (BBC Oct 2017)

Use of high authority interventions are increasing with a 90% rise in the use of child protection plans from 2008 to 2017 (DfE, LGA)

The highest proportion of children are in care under the categories of abuse and neglect (61%), family dysfunction (8%) and family in acute stress (7%) (DfE Sept 2017)

Children in the most deprived 10% of neighbourhoods in the UK are 11 times more likely to be on a child protection plan and 12 times for likely to be in care than children in the 10% least deprived neighbourhoods. (Child welfare inequalities project)

Systemic interventions and other family based approaches are effective either alone or within multi-modal programmes in response to child abuse and neglect, child conduct problems and child emotional difficulties. (Carr, 2014)

Systemic based approaches is effective with the some of the most common reasons social work involvement including couple violence, adult mental ill health and substance misuse. (Stratton, 2016)

Teaching Space

Training and development is delivered via formal, academic training programmes, bespoke programmes for organisations, short courses, informal consultation, practice skills workshops and group and individual coaching.

Collective Space offers training programmes to social workers at all stages of their systemic social work development journey; from having had no prior knowledge of systemic social work practice and looking to be introduced to these ideas, through to social workers/ clinicians who have completed their intermediate training and are practising as systemic practitioners.


Learning Space

Collective Space learners can access all their course materials including a carefully selected range of seminal systemic writings and contemporary research which will support the taught programmes.

Collective Space is passionate about the training and education of systemic social work. We aim to offer an excellent learning experience via tutors knowledgable and experienced in using systemic practice within Children’s Social Work and creating a climate in which learners feel inspired and comfortable to develop their own skills for practice.


Clinical Space

Clinical work can be commissioned as individual pieces of work or as part of the organisation’s approach to the offer of help to families and to its staff via approaches such as clinical surgeries.

Collective Space is committed to developing practice based evidence and demonstrating how systemic social work makes a difference. We have a highly experienced pool of practitioners with a broad range of skills and qualifications who can offer bespoke clinical interventions including specialist assessments and therapeutic interventions.


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